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As a youth leader, you can apply for a so-called Youth Leader Card. This is regarded as a nationwide card for volunteers in youth work and also grants various benefits.

To recognize, strengthen and support volunteers in youth work, there is the Youth Leader Card (JULEICA). It can be issued as a nationwide uniform ID card for volunteers in youth work and serves as legitimation and as proof of qualification.

The issuance of the Youth Leader Card is reserved for youth leaders who have received sufficient practical and theoretical qualification for the performance of their tasks. The corresponding training for this must have been carried out by a recognized provider of free youth welfare or by a public youth welfare institution within the meaning of SGB VIII. The ownership of JULEICA makes it possible to receive selected discounts and discounted entrance fees, for example for cultural events. Municipalities and companies or shops have different possibilities for supporting and appreciating volunteers.

If you meet the requirements, no separate documents are required except for a photo that is inserted digitally.

The application process takes place online.

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JULEICA was developed for volunteers in youth work. A JULEICA can be purchased by youth leaders if they

  • are at least 16 years old
  • have completed a first aid course
  • are actually volunteers in youth work
  • have received sufficient practical and theoretical qualification for the task of youth leader and are able to responsibly design activities with children and young people
  • have undergone training with a recognised provider of independent youth welfare for the qualification
  • and this training has covered at least 30 hours (equivalent to 40 training units)

It also requires:

  • a valid e-mail address
  • a digital portrait photo


The benefits associated with owning JULEICA can vary greatly from region to region. To get an overview, there is a database that includes the discounts sorted by region. It is available at:

  • Discounts JULEICA holders

The Ministry of Family Affairs, Women, Youth, Integration and Consumer Protection regulates the procedure and regulations regarding the application, validity and purpose of JULEICA. Enclosed you will find information on the last announcement of 10.12.2017 regarding the exhibition of JULEICA:

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The application for the Youth Leader Card takes place in the online procedure. The application procedure is as follows:

  • As a youth leader, you register on the official website and create a user account there.
  • You enter the required data (such as name, date of birth, place of residence), after which you will be forwarded.
  • This is followed by a query in which federal state the institution has its seat and with which institution you are working on a voluntary basis.
  • Then enter the data of the training and upload a photo of yourself.
  • After sending the application, the carrier will check whether all the prerequisites for the creation of the Youth Leader Card are met.
  • If this is the case, the card will be printed and sent either to your address or to an address requested by the carrier.

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