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Many healthcare professionals such as .B in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and podiatry, etc. opt for their own practice. If you want to work as a doctor, you must first be admitted yourself. This is done by the health insurance association. The following applies to all occupational groups in the health sector: If you wish to pursue your profession independently, you must register this with the competent health authority. In the future, you will also need to announce all changes to your practice in a timely manner.

Your personal data, such as name, address, etc. State examination, professional licence, permission to hold the professional title Academic degrees and titles awarded In addition, you need to provide information on the area in which you want to carry out the activity and from when you would like to work independently. Many municipalities offer forms that you can use to sign up.

You have taken out professional insinuator insurance before you start your job

As a rule, the activity in a health profession is carried out as a freelancer. At the same time, however, a practice also means a start-up. Therefore, you should note that under certain conditions a business registration may be required.

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