Registering an outpatient nursing service Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Outpatient care services care for people in need of care in a particular catchment area in the apartment and assist with home-sector errands. Due to the group of people who are to be looked after by the nursing service, high demands are placed on the foundation. You must also be available 24 hours a day as an outpatient care service. Your nursing service is deemed to be approved as soon as you have concluded a care contract with the National Association of Care Funds. This regulates which services you provide and to what extent and how large your catchment area is.

professional certificate for the nursing service management (PDL) and deputy PDL as Nursing professional, or health and nurse/health and nurse, or health and paediatric nurses, or elderly caregiver, Proof of further training in nursing services Proof of professional practice current certificate of leadership for the PDL current certificate of management of the holder of the institution Proof of employment (proof of pDL and deputy PDL subject to social security contributions) Institutional identifiers (IK number) Proof of membership in the professional association Proof of insurance (liability, etc.) Proof of notification to the Health Board Proof of notification to the tax office Information about the institution's owner if necessary, proof of a partnership agreement Confirmation of registration in the Commercial Register Application Financial statements Personnel statement Model care contract Care concept Information about membership of a professional association if necessary

You or a person employed by you is a trained nurse. You or a person employed by you has completed a completed additional qualification for nursing service management (PDL) or a degree in nursing management. You have a practical professional experience in the learned training occupation of at least 2 years within the last 8 years. You must designate a deputy responsible person who also meets the above conditions. Registration with the Professional Association for Health Service and Welfare Care (BGW).
First of all, you must take all the necessary steps necessary for setting up a business. If you meet all the requirements for an outpatient care service and the documents are available, you will submit an application to the competent authority.

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