Apply for compulsory schooling to request deferral

Parents have the option of applying for a deferral from school if it is expected that the child will not be able to participate successfully in the lessons of grade one of the primary school for health reasons. The deferral from school attendance must in principle be regarded as an exception. For children who are deferred from school for one school year, the school management may arrange to attend a school kindergarten or recommend a visit to a day care center. There is a corresponding regulation for enrolment in support schools. In this case, the school authority decides.

informal, written application where applicable, other documents such as a medical certificate There are no fees.

Your child is required to attend school in Rhineland-Palatinate for the coming school year. It is questionable whether your child can successfully participate in grade one class for health reasons.
The decision is taken by the school management on the basis of the school admission sit-in interview with the parents and information of the day care center, if the parents have consented to the transfer, in consultation with the school doctor. The decision will be notified in writing to the parents by 15 June.

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