Apply for enrolment early

If your child does not turn six in the year of school-age schooling and if you can imagine early enrolment due to your child's level of development, then you can apply to the relevant primary school. Tip: The pedagogical staff of the day care center and the school management of the primary school can advise you at the appropriate enrolment time of your child.

informal, written application Presentation of the birth certificate where applicable, further documents

Your child is not yet required to attend school. Your child's level of development suggests that they can successfully participate in grade one classes.

For more information:
In the second half of February of the year in which you wish to enroll, register your child at primary school and apply to the school management for early enrolment. Your child, like all other children, participates in the school medical examination. In addition, the current state of development of your child is determined. The school management invites you to a conversation with your child in order to gain information for the school admission. The decision as to whether your child can actually be enrolled prematurely is finally made by the school management in consultation with the school doctor, taking into account all the necessary information. Your child will be required to attend school with admission.

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