Appeal by the technical supervisory authorities

You can file a complaint against an official decision or measure that you consider to be incorrect in terms of content. Note: The complaint does not prevent or postpone the decision or action of the authority. Deadlines are also continuing. If you want to prevent this, you must appeal, bring an action, or request for urgent judicial proceedings.

Documents are not required. If you file the technical supervision complaint not with the source authority but with the next higher authority, it is advisable to attach copies of the documents.

They are the addressee of a decision or action of an authority and consider the content of the decision to be incorrect.

Because of the constitutional principle of judicial independence, decisions of the courts and, in this respect, decisions of the National Representative for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and the Members of the Court of Auditors, which are treated as such, may not with the expert oversight complaint, but only by a court.
If possible, file the expert supervision complaint in writing (also by e-mail) with justification. A special form is not necessary. The Authority shall examine whether it can take a different decision on the substance. If this is the case, you will receive information about the amended decision. If it does not make any other decision, it will normally submit your complaint to the next higher authority. The latter then decides on the complaint and informs you of the result.

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