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The granted housing benefit is paid monthly to the person entitled to housing benefit in advance for the period of authorisation. To do this, you must provide an account with a financial institution within the European Union to which the housing benefit can be paid. If you do not have such an account, the housing benefit can be transferred to your place of residence. The housing benefit may be paid with written consent, e.B. to another household member or the landlord. Payment can be made to the landlord without consent, e.B. The payment data can be found in your housing benefit notice. If the housing benefit is not paid to the recipient of housing benefit in the future, you will also receive a notification.

The application form with attachment can be obtained from the relevant housing benefit authority or for download on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

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You are obliged to declare an account with a Financial Institution of the European Union to which the housing benefit can be transferred. If you would like the housing benefit to be paid to the landlord or another household member in the future, please inform your housing benefit office. The housing benefit authority decides whether it is necessary in individual cases that the housing benefit is paid to another household member, to the recipient of the rent or to the service provider within the meaning of Section 12 of the First Book of the Social Code. This can be done either with your written consent or if this is required in individual cases, even without your consent.

If your financial situation or circumstances have improved or changed, there may also be a reduction in housing benefit. You are obliged to notify the Housing Benefit Authority without delay any changes that may lead to a reduction in housing benefit. In order to avoid or detect the illegal use of housing benefit, the Housing Benefit Authority may regularly check household members by means of a so-called data comparison.
The housing benefit granted to you will be paid monthly in advance.

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