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Housing benefit is usually granted for 12 months. In order to avoid interruption of ongoing housing benefit benefits, you should submit a new application for continued housing benefit two months before the end of the current period of eligibility. The prerequisites for your claim will be re-examined.

You must add the following evidence to the completed application form: Up-to-date proof of rent or debit, in particular: Lease if necessary, up-to-date operating costs statement, in the case of owners: evidence of existing loans taken out for the purchase, construction or modernisation of the home or condominium; for owners: current property tax notice. Up-to-date evidence of the income of all household members, e.B. payrolls in recent months, current pension notice, current decision on the receipt of other social benefits (e.B. unemployment benefit, parental allowance, maintenance advance, sickness benefit), Proof of maintenance payments, Proof of interest and other capital gains (e.B. savings accounts, fixed-term deposits, daily allowances, building-saving contracts, funds); in particular tax certificates. Other evidence (if any), e.B. Severely disabled person's card and information on care insurance benefits.

The application form with attachment can be obtained from the relevant housing benefit authority or for download on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

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Whether and to what extent you can claim housing benefit depends on various factors, essentials are: What is your total income? How high is your rent or Your monthly charge on residential property? What is the number of household members and what is their income? 1.: The total income is the sum of the annual income of all the household members to be taken into account. Certain allowances and deductions for maintenance benefits may be deducted from this. The income calculation is based on the Income Tax Act, i.e. the taxable positive income is decisive, supplemented by a catalogue of tax-free income to be taken into account. Ten percent are to be deducted from each of these if taxes are paid on income, contributions to statutory health and long-term care insurance or contributions to statutory pension insurance during the authorisation period. If all three listed or similar payments are made, the deduction amount is 30 percent. 2.: Rent is the agreed fee for the use of housing on the basis of a rental contract. The burden on owners is the cost of capital service and the management of property. The basis for calculating housing benefit is the so-called gross cold rent. Not included in the rent are e.B heating costs and costs for heating water. Household electricity and allowances for the provision of a garage or parking space for motor vehicles are also not included. The rent or charge is only eligible up to certain maximum amounts. The maximum amounts depend on the local rent level, the so-called rent levels, and the number of staff members to be taken into account. 3.: Household members are the person entitled to housing benefit and other persons expressly mentioned in the Housing Benefit Act if they jointly inhabit the apartment for which housing benefit is applied for with the person entitled to housing benefit. This dwelling must be the centre of life relations for each named person. All household members are taken into account if they are not excluded from housing benefit. You are excluded from housing benefit if you receive transfer benefits (other social benefits) that already include housing costs, e.B. basic insurance for jobseekers (unemployment benefit II) or basic insurance in old age and in case of disability. Also, single students and trainees who are entitled to BAföG or vocational training allowance (BAB) are not entitled to housing benefit; even if BAföG or BAB was rejected because of parents' over-income. Please contact your local housing benefit authority for details.

If your financial situation or circumstances have improved or changed, there may also be a reduction in housing benefit. You are obliged to notify the Housing Benefit Authority without delay any changes that may lead to a reduction in housing benefit. In order to avoid or detect the illegal use of housing benefit, the Housing Benefit Authority may regularly check household members by means of a so-called data comparison.
Housing benefit is only available on request. You must submit your application for housing benefit to the local housing benefit authority. After processing the application, the housing benefit authority issues a notice.

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