Apply for conversion permit

Would you like to clear existing forest on your property and convert it into another type of land use, e.B a field or a meadow? According to the provisions of the State Forest Act, you may only clear forests with the permission of the forestry office and convert it into another type of land use. The authorisation may be granted for a limited period and subject to conditions such as:

A written request is required.

Authorisation shall be granted if: if there is no overriding public interest in the conservation of the forest (conversion)
The forestry office decides on your application after it has weighed up the rights, obligations and economic interests of the forest owners as well as the interests of the general public against each other and with each other and has consulted the authorities concerned. This procedure ensures that all arguments for or against conversion are adequately taken into account and that the Forestry Office can steer forest development on this basis.

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