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Here you will find information on how to register in the list of architects of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate or to apply for membership in the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects.

Registration with the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects is the basis for using the protected professional titles 'architect', 'interior architect', 'landscape architect' and 'urban planner'. Associated with the membership is the building template authorization for architects and the limited building template authorization for interior designers according to § 64 Abs. 2 Landesbauordnung.

  • All certificates and diplomas of higher education (Bachelor and Master, Diploma) in original language and German translation (recognized translation agency);
  • Detailed proof of the practical professional activity required under § 5 (1) sentence 2 of the Architects Act;
  • Proof of participation in the training measures required for registration in accordance with § 6 of the State Ordinance on the Implementation of the Architects Act;
  • In the case of freelance or construction work: confirmation by the insurer of professional indemnity insurance in accordance with § 12 (in the future § 11) Berufsordnung;
  • Proof of establishment / office location in Rhineland-Palatinate (e.g. rental agreement) or proof of residence in Rhineland-Palatinate, which must not be older than three months (e.g. confirmation of registration) or proof of the place of predominant professional activity (e.g. rental contract for office space, employment contract);

Proof of application for a certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority.

You can download the corresponding application forms from the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects, as well as the corresponding "Information on the application" and further information.

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  • Establishment, residence or predominant occupation in Rhineland-Palatinate;
  • a final examination in a course of study corresponding to the relevant field of study with a standard period of study of at least four years;
  • a subsequent practical activity of at least two years;

proof of participation in eight training events recognised by the Registration Committee (a total of 64 hours).


In the case of university degrees completed abroad, an expert opinion on the comparability of foreign educational qualifications must first be obtained.

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The application is submitted to the Registration Committee of the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate for a decision. The Registration Committee is a body with judicial independence that verifies that the conditions for an entry are met.

In the case of university degrees completed abroad, an expert opinion on the comparability of foreign educational qualifications must first be obtained from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

The competent authority compares your professional qualification with the German professional qualification as an "architect". Your professional experience, other qualifications and other qualifications (equivalence test) are taken into account.

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