Apply for financial aid for privately injured persons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Subject to an elementary event identified by the Ministry of the Interior and for Sport (MdI), if your private household has suffered life-threatening damage, you may Request emergency aid for households of a maximum of EUR 2,500 per household. Emergency aid in the event of an existential emergency should help in cases of hardship, in particular: direct impairments caused by the loss of accommodation and/or to obtain replacement clothing or necessary food and/or, appropriate care for children or other family members in need.

The application form must be used to make the necessary declarations. Furthermore, evidence to explain the extent of the damage must be attached.

State financial assistance is requested in writing. The corresponding forms are available online for retrieval.

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They are endangering their livelihoods. A larger group of people is affected by the damage event (determination of an elementary event by the MdI) This is an uninsurable damage or no overcompensation may arise due to the performance of third parties. Your focus is in Rhineland-Palatinate

Further information can be found on the website of the Supervisory and Services Directorate and on the UCS portal.
In the case of exceptional elementary events in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Directorate of Supervision and Services (ADD) determines the affected damage regions (landkreiss / district-free cities) on the basis of the situation information and reports available to it and informs the Ministry of the Interior and Sport (MdI) in order to determine the elementary event. The mdI's determination of an elementary event and the granting of emergency aid will be published on the internet and with the deadline for submitting applications.

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