Permit for the establishment of a branch of experts Granted to test engineers for structural analysis

Inspection engineers for structural analysis recognised by the building authorities can set up a second branch. The construction requires approval.

The application must be accompanied by the necessary information and evidence in accordance with § 9 (11) of the State Ordinance on Test Engineers for Structural Analysis (PrüfIngBaustatikVO). In particular, the following documents are required: Information on the personal responsibility of the activity in the second branch Information on the employees who are to participate in the testing activities and to ensure the monitoring of proper construction Further documents and information may be requested if this is necessary for the assessment of the application

The requirements for approval can be found in the State Ordinance on Test Engineers for Structural Analysis (PrüfIngBaustatikVO) in "§ 9 General Obligations" in paragraph 11.
The application for permission to establish a secondary establishment must be submitted to the Recognition Authority for Structural Engineers. Submission of proof of the approval requirements. Examination of the approval requirements by the recognition authority. Approval by decision, if necessary with the agreement of another country, if the requested secondary establishment is located in that country.

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