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Particularly competent and qualified persons in the stability of construction installations can apply for recognition as test experts for stability in order to be able to check stability proofs in the building permit procedure on behalf of the client and instead of the building inspectorate.

The application must be enclosed with the necessary information and evidence in accordance with Section 4(2) of the National Ordinance on Test Experts for Stability (PrüfSStBauVO), in particular: proof of nationality, a CV with a complete indication of the professional career and the professional activity up to the time of application, copies or photocopies of the diplomas of higher education institutions and all certificates of employment to date, a declaration that an application for a certificate of leadership intended for presentation to an authority (Section 30(5) of the Federal Central Register Act) has been submitted, or an equivalent document of a Member State of the European Union or a State assimilated under the law of the European Communities; the certificate of leadership or equivalent document shall not be older than three months, the proof of the existence of the conditions under Section 3 (1) sentence 1 no. 2 to 9, whereby the existence of the conditions in accordance with Section 3 (1) sentence 1 no. 2, 3 and 6 must be proved by a certificate of the Audit Committee in accordance with Sections 5 and 6 PrüfIngBaustatikVO, a list of structures of above-average difficulty (static and structurally difficult structures) worked by the applicant, indicating the place, time, mastery of the building, type of work carried out by the applicant and the bodies and persons who have examined the stability proofs drawn up by the applicant, a list of persons who may provide information on the applicant's professional competence; specifying the projects and at what time the applicant has cooperated with those persons; a statement that there are no grounds for failure under Section 3(2), Information on any branches and Information on any participation in a company whose purpose is the planning or implementation of construction projects.

The application for registration must be submitted to the Chamber of Engineers of Rhineland-Palatinate. The application may be made informally.

The requirements for entry in the list pursuant to Section 2 (1) of the Land Ordinance on Test Experts for Stability (PrüfSStBauVO) can be read in the "Section 2 Requirements for Registration".
The application for registration as a test expert or test expert for stability must be submitted in writing to the Chamber of Engineers of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is necessary to indicate for which specialised area registration is sought and whether and how often a registration or recognition procedure, even outside the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, has been unsuccessful. Presentation of the proof of registration requirements. Examination of the registration requirements by the technical committee formed by the Chamber of Engineers. Proof of professional competence by examination at the audit committee formed by the supreme building inspectorate for the recognition of test engineers for structural engineering. Entries in the list in accordance with Section 2 (1) of the Land Ordinance on Test Experts for Stability (PrüfSStBauVO) and certificate as test expert for stability.

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