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If a building application has been submitted, the start of construction work for the excavation pit and for individual parts or construction phases of the project can be approved on written application before the building permit is granted (partial building permit) in accordance with Section 73 (1) of the Land Building Code Rhineland-Palatinate (LBauO). The subject of the partial building permit is, on the one hand, the approval of the preparatory construction measures, as an operative part. On the other hand, the partial building permit - as a notifiable part - contains a so-called "preliminary positive overall assessment" with regard to the basic eligibility of the overall project.

A partial building permit may only be granted on written request; it shall be attached to all the documents necessary for the assessment. Since the scope of the required documents depends on the scope of the works to be released, it is not possible to make any general statements on this matter. To determine these in consultation with the local competent lower building inspectorate.

Application to the lower building inspectorate. The granting of a partial building permit is at the discretion of the lower building inspectorate.

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