Repeated testing of systems requiring monitoring in accordance with the Industrial Safety Ordinance

It shall check whether the legally prescribed periodic inspections have been carried out on a plant requiring monitoring.

The complaint is informal, can be made by telephone, e-mail or in writing. The following information is required (if known) for processing:

  • Type of installations subject to monitoring
  • Time of commissioning
  • Information about the employer / operator
  • Information on how the information on the lack of examination was obtained by the complainant


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  • ยง 21 Abs. 1 Arbeitsschutzgesetz (ArbSchG)
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  • State Ordinance on Responsibilities in the Field of Occupational Safety and Health (ArbSchZuVO)

Upon receipt of a complaint or an indication that the prescribed periodic inspections have not been carried out on an installation requiring monitoring, the competent authority shall in turn initiate a review with the employer/operator.

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