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Would you like to purchase a developed plot of land and find out about the price structure of corresponding plots? Then there is a legitimate interest and you can receive a corresponding information from the purchase price collection.

The basis of all analyses of the official valuation of the real estate market in Rhineland-Palatinate is the purchase price collection, which is maintained by the expert committees for property values in accordance with the Building Code (BauGB). All purchase contracts for land, condominiums, heritable building rights, etc. are to be sent by the notaries to the locally responsible expert committee. The data from the purchase contracts are supplemented by further information, e.g. from the official real estate cadastre or from the respective land use and development plans and recorded in the purchase price collection.

Therefore, up-to-date and reliable basic data for the analysis of the real estate market are always available. The basic data is available to the responsible expert committee for the determination of the soil reference values, the preparation of market value assessments and the determination of other value-relevant data (e.g. real estate market reports).

In addition, the data of the purchase price collection can also be made available to other authorities, other public bodies, certified experts and publicly appointed and sworn experts, as well as other experts, subject to differentiated compliance with data protection.

Private individuals can also receive anonymised (non-property-related) information from the purchase price collection if they prove a legitimate interest. It is ensured that the information does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about personal data.

The online application form (supplemented by further documents if necessary) or a written application, which should correspond to the content of the online form.

Written application required.

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Prerequisites for the information from the purchase price collection are that

  • you can credibly demonstrate a legitimate interest.
  • the legitimate interests of third parties are safeguarded.
  • you use the data appropriately only for the stated purpose and.
  • You do not pass on the data to third parties.

A legitimate interest is assumed in particular if authorities or publicly appointed and sworn experts or certified experts are involved in a valuation in the context of their duties.

Property-related information is only received

  • public bodies,
  • publicly appointed and sworn experts, and
  • Experts for real estate valuation with a certification by a body accredited according to the Accreditation Body Act according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

In individual cases, other persons and bodies will only be provided with information on written request that does not allow conclusions to be drawn about the owners and heritable building owners.


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Submit a written application to the office of the locally responsible expert committee for property values.

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