Pension insurance request account clarification

The German Pension Insurance provides an insurance account for each insured person and for each insured person. The insurance history contains all the data stored in this insurance account. A complete and up-to-date insurance account is the basis for meaningful pension information and pension information. If you have paid pension insurance contributions for at least five years, you will receive pension information once a year from the age of 27. You can tell you how much pension you can expect from your previous periods in the future. This allows you to assess as early as possible whether and to what extent supplementary pension provision is necessary. The subsequent pension can only be paid in the correct amount if the pension insurance institution is aware of all relevant data. An account clarification therefore helps you to check the existing data and, if necessary, to fill gaps in the insurance account. For this purpose, you can apply for an account clarification application at any time.

In order to clarify or complete the insurance account, various documents may be necessary. These are e.B. Evidence of pension contributions paid from lack of employment or mini-jobs Birth certificate (own and possibly children) Evidence of training periods Evidence of periods of unemployment or search for training and sick leave Evidence of school, technical college and higher education periods from the age of 17

Application forms are required for account clarification. Of course, you can download the application forms on the website of your pension insurance institution or fill them out and send them online via the online services of the pension insurance institution. You can also request these forms on the free service telephone. You can also obtain all forms from all information and advice centres of the German Pension Insurance and from the voluntary insurance advisors on site. They are also happy to help you fill out the forms.

Section 149 Sixth Book of the Social Code (SGB VI)

After the account clarification has been completed, you will receive a so-called declaratory notice from your pension insurance institution. This notice lists all the times you have completed so far. Periods longer than 6 calendar years are then determined in a binding manner. However, incorrect times can still be checked at any time. You will also receive a waiting time information until the age of 55. In addition to the saved times, it also contains statements as to which type of pension you have fulfilled the respective waiting period for and for which one has not yet been fulfilled. From the age of 55, you will also receive a pension information after the account clarification procedure has been completed. This pension information is more extensive than a waiting time information and also contains statements on the expected pension amount.