Pharmacy apply for operating licence

If you want to operate a pharmacy, you need permission from the competent authority. You can apply for permission for your head office and up to 3 branch pharmacies. Permission is granted to you personally for designated premises and obliges you to personally run the pharmacy on your own responsibility. Several persons can operate a pharmacy only in the legal form of an open trading company (OHG). Each shareholder needs his or her own permission.

Resume Certified certificate of approval Medical certificate Proof of professional activities Rental and purchase agreements various written declarations official management certificate Document type 0 (zero)

Formal application for a professional licence Various forms and declarations which may be requested from the competent body Note: Official management certificate document type 0 (zero) must be applied for.

Applicant is fully capable of doing business German approval as a pharmacist Health suitability Proof of the prescribed rooms and equipment for the operation of a pharmacy Required reliability

Permission expires, among other things. by death, by renunciation, by withdrawing or revoking the approval as a pharmacist, if the permit has not been used for one year (the competent authority may extend the period if there is an important reason).
Formal written application, including the necessary documents Examination of the submitted documents subsequently granted the requested pharmacy operating licence

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