Compulsory decommissioning of motor vehicles

If a vehicle is operated on public roads that does not comply with the applicable regulations, the competent authority (registration authority, police, regulatory authority) may set the owner or keeper a reasonable period of time to remedy the defects or restrict or prohibit the operation of the vehicle on public roads. If a vehicle has been taken out of service, no further journey may be made with the vehicle.

For example, the following reasons can lead to a forced decommissioning of a vehicle: the insurance cover has expired because the insurance contributions have not been paid the change of insurance company has not been notified in time and the licensing authority has no information about an existing insurance cover the motor vehicle tax has not been paid, the main inspection (TÜV) has expired, the vehicle has significant defects or it is unsafe for traffic the vehicle has not been transferred to the new purchaser.

In administrative assistance, license plates of vehicles from other registration districts can also be unstamped if the registration / regulatory authority has been requested to do so by another registration authority. A vehicle that has been decommissioned may be re-registered after the existing defects have been remedied or after the necessary evidence has been provided.
Before an order for the forcible decommissioning of a vehicle is issued, the vehicle owner is usually given the opportunity to remedy the existing defects within a certain period of time or to prove the unfulfilled conditions. If this request is not complied with, the vehicle will be decommissioned. As a result, the license plates are unsealed and the registration certificate Part I or the vehicle registration document are confiscated. If it is not possible to remove the seals on the license plates or if the registration certificate Part I / the vehicle registration document is not handed in, the vehicle will be advertised for search.

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