EU pet passport is sues Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For dogs, cats and ferrets in private travel within the EU, only an EU pet passport (also known as "Pet Passport") issued by the home veterinarian (also known as the Pet Passport) with the proof sedative of the animal by means of a microchip (in rare cases tattoo) and a valid rabies vaccination is required. Travel to the Member States of Ireland, Malta, Finland and the United Kingdom is subject to stricter requirements for antiparasitic treatments, in particular echinococcal treatment (tapeworms). Further information can be found on the Internet pages of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

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Depending on the individual case, documents may be required. Please contact a registered veterinarian.

Please contact a resident practising veterinarian or veterinarian who is authorised to issue pet cards. If not already available, an identification of the animal by microchip and then a rabies vaccination can be carried out in an appointment with the veterinarian. After that, the pet card with the corresponding entries can be issued.