Dog tax fixing Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The dog tax is a local expense tax. It may be levied by the municipalities for the keeping of dogs in accordance with municipal statutes. The owner of a dog is who has taken a dog into his household or farm. The keeping of e.g. guide dogs, service dogs, dogs of forest staff and hunting supervisors may be exempt from tax or reduced depending on the municipal statute.

When moving to another municipality, the dog owner is obliged to re-register. By re-registering with another municipality, differentiated dog tax amounts can be incurred. If you have unsubscribed the dog, you will receive a new tax notice. You will no longer have to pay taxes for the dog. If you have already paid taxes at the time of deregistration, you will receive money back accordingly.
After the dog has registered, dog tax stamps will be issued, which must be returned when the dog is deregistered. The dog tax stamp must be carried and presented on request.