Adoption of a foreign child In the Birth Register Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Would you like to adopt a child from abroad? Then you should clarify in advance the recognition of such an adoption at home. After the adoption abroad, the foreign birth certificate of your adopted child remains valid. As an adoptive parent, you can still apply for a declaration of birth in Germany

All documents required in the country of origin for the origin of birth and adoption shall be submitted. Note: You need foreign documents with over-certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission.

If you do not agree with a decision of the registry office, you can appeal to the district court, the decisions are only the competent to be the district courts, which have their seat at the place of a regional court.
You can apply to the registry office of your residence for the post-registration of the birth of your foreign-born child. The registry office registers your child in the birth register. After registration, you will receive a German birth certificate for your child upon request. Note: The registry office, which provides the post-trial information on the birth of your foreign-born child, informs: the registry office that records the birth records for the adoptive parents the registry office I in Berlin that the birth of the child born abroad has been certified in Germany the reporting authority.

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