Vehicles: Registration certificate Part II Replacement for loss or theft Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The loss of an issued registration certificate Part II or a vehicle letter shall be notified to the competent registration authority. The Federal Motor Transport Authority offers the loss-making certificate in the traffic sheet with a deadline for submission to the licensing authority. A new Part II registration certificate may not be issued until after the deadline has elapsed. If the lost vehicle documents (registration certificate Part II, vehicle letter) are found, they must be delivered to the registration authority without delay.

Theft notice or declaration of loss submitted to the police, in individual cases insurance to oath instead of Note: Alternatively, you can give the affidavit to a notary. In this case, the application may be made by a representative with a written authorisation who must present the affidavit. Registration certificate Part I or vehicle license (if available) Id Alternatively: passport with original of the last registration certificate of the place of residence. Foreign nationals need a valid identification document with up-to-date registration confirmation Authority Is necessary when an agent makes the request. Here, the representative's ID card and a copy of the vehicle owner's ID are required. Certificate main examination (kfz)

Since a coexistence of new registration certificate Part I and old vehicle letter is not permitted, a new registration certificate Part II must be issued instead of the old vehicle letter. Additional fees apply for this. If the lost registration document is found after the replacement document has been issued, you are obliged to submit the old document to the licensing authority without delay. In the case of companies, only persons who are legally entitled to represent the company in accordance with the regulations applicable to the respective legal form (BGB, HGB, AG, etc.) are entitled to give the affidavit. In addition to the managing director(s), shareholders, members of the Board of Management, these may also be persons to whom procuration has been granted.