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In the case of a dog bite incident, a distinction must be made as to whether the dog itself has been attacked or whether a person has been bitten by a dog. In both cases, a complaint about the dog bite or attack is necessary at the competent police offices of the injured party or police. The competent body shall review the dog concerned, hear witnesses and take into account old incidents in order to identify the risk posed by the animal and to take the necessary measures to protect against danger to humans and animals.

State Law on Dangerous Dogs (LHundG) Section 3 point 8a Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG)

Call to the control centre of the Municipal Enforcement Service of the Office of Public Order Message where and when the dog's attack was seen Notification of the tax number and the dog owner (if available/known) Make a note about the course of events and possible witnesses If the police office is not reachable, the police must be informed

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