Report free-running and abandoned pets Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Found domestic and pets are legally "found objects". This means that the municipalities are responsible as fund authorities. These must receive found animals and accommodate them in an appropriate manner. The find authority usually therefore hands over the found animals to a suitable place, such as an animal shelter.

if necessary, find information form of the municipality

The animal welfare associations and animal shelters take on an important role for society in this area. They are always grateful for donations that benefit the animals. If you are interested in a pet, you can contact a shelter. There you will also receive expert advice.
Section 3 Point 3 of the Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG) Section 965 of the Civil Code (BGB)

If free-running animals endanger public safety, especially road safety, you should notify the police immediately. If you have found an animal, contact your community. There you can view the find and also hand over the animal by arrangement. As a find authority, the municipality usually takes care of the further accommodation and care of the animal. You can also leave the animal directly at an animal shelter without being notified to the municipality. In this case, the shelter takes over the find notice.