Certificate in tax matters

The "certificate in tax matters" (formerly: "clearance certificate") on the tax reliability of the taxpayer serves as a decision-making aid for other authorities in approval procedures or public procurement or for private clients. The content of the certificate is limited to the non-judgmental indication of tax facts, such as existing tax arrears, payment and delivery behaviour of the taxpayer, at the time of issue. The assessment of the certified tax conduct is left to the person who is to take the measure requested by the taxpayer (e.g. issuance of a business license, a road haulage concession or an order).
The certificate is sent or handed over to the taxpayer (possibly authorised representative) or, in the case of a company, to the legal or contractually determined representative (e.g. managing director, board of directors).

An official identity document (identity card, passport) if you need a "certificate in tax matters" from your municipality or city administration.

In the event that you need a "certificate in tax matters" from the tax office, no further documents are required from you, as the tax office certifies the tax facts on the basis of the knowledge available there.

An informal application in writing, in person or by telephone stating the full first and last name or the company name and address as well as the tax number/identification number is sufficient.

It should be indicated for what purpose the certificate is needed.

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