Housing promotion Permit for self-use

If you want to use subsidized housing yourself, leave it empty for more than three months or use it for other residential purposes, you will need a permit. This is granted under certain conditions.

identity card Proof of income of all persons wishing to move into the home (e.B. proof of income to be completed by the employer, last income tax assessment/declaration and last tax-recognised profit or proof of tax assessment with traders/self-employed persons). Required evidence is requested by the competent authority.

A permit for self-use may be granted if the person entitled to make the right to make a residence permit himself fulfils the conditions for the issue of a residence permit. See also description of "Residence Permit Exhibition". Authorisation to remain vacant for more than three months may be granted for two reasons. On the one hand, where a refurbishment or modernisation is to be carried out and, on the other hand, where renting is not possible and an exemption from occupancy and rental price obligations would not lead to a rental. Permission to use the dwelling for purposes other than residential purposes may only be granted in the presence of an overriding public or private legitimate interest; the competent authority shall decide at its discretion. It may require adequate monetary compensation or the granting of bonds with an overall equivalent value to other housing.
You can submit the application to the competent authority in person or in writing.

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