Volunteer carers Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A person who is no longer able to settle his own affairs for reasons of illness or age can be assisted by the care court. You can take on the role of volunteer carer for a person in need. This means that you can act for the person in need of assistance in the areas designated by the care court, so-called tasks, and that you can also legally represent the person in need, if necessary. You will not receive any remuneration for this. However, they are paid a flat-rate allowance. The wishes and interests of the person in need of assistance must be taken into account in the exercise of care. You must also report to the care court at certain intervals about your work for the person in need. After ordering by the care court, you will receive a carer's id. On this occasion, the lawyers of the Care Court will inform you about your duties and duties as a volunteer supervisor. You can also contact the care court later with questions about your work. The task of legal support can also be taken over by the care authority itself.

At the time of the first appointment, documents such as a certificate of leadership or information from the debtor register may be requested. This is especially true for carers who are not related to the person in need. Details can be found with the relevant care authority.

Support and advice can also be obtained from the support associations in Rhineland-Palatinate. Care associations near you can be found on the social portal Rhineland-Palatinate

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