Apply for recognition as a childcare association

You want to run a care association? Then you have to have it recognized.

If you want to operate a care association whose employees look after and legally represent people on the basis of a court order, this association needs state recognition.

An association with legal capacity can be recognised as a care association if it ensures that it

  • has a sufficient number of suitable staff and will supervise, train and adequately insure them against damage that they could cause to others in the course of their work,
  • endeavours as planned to recruit volunteer supervisors, introduce them to their tasks, train them and advise and support them and authorised representatives in the performance of their duties,
  • informed as planned about precautionary powers of attorney and care orders and
  • enables an exchange of experience between the employees.

In addition, the association must be managed by persons who are suitable for this purpose according to their personality, education or professional experience, and who have no relationship of dependency or any other close relationship to an institution in which people cared for by the association or members of the association are accommodated.

The recognition applies to the respective country; it can be limited to individual parts of the country. It is revocable and can be granted subject to conditions.

The application shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Statutes of the Association,
  • Social
  • Non-profit certificate,
  • Proof of the number, training and career path or other qualifications of full-time employees.

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