Surrender your driver's license

If a fine has been issued against you, a driving ban may have been imposed by the fine office as a secondary consequence. This may mean that you have to hand in your driver's license under the conditions specified in the fine notice in the office building of the fine office or get it handed over again.

When driving licence is submitted driving licence File number or the penalty notice Driver's license return Letter of formal notice for If necessary, power of attorney if a third party is to pick up the driver's license for you proof of identity identity card passport Passport replacement papers for foreign nationals Driver's license lost a notice of loss must be issued. Proof of this must be presented upon collection.

Driving ban (without relevant pre-registrations in the driving aptitude register -FAER-) If you have been banned from driving for the first time in the fine notice, you can decide for yourself within four months when you will put your driving licence in official custody with your authority. The driving ban is effective at the latest after the expiry of four months from the date on which it became legally binding (14 days after notification of the penalty notice). You are liable to prosecution (driving without a license) if you still drive a motor vehicle. Driving ban (with relevant pre-registrations in the driving aptitude register -FAER-) If a driving ban has been enforced against you in the past two years, the new driving ban will take effect from the date of legal force (14 days after notification of the notice). This means that the driver's license must be handed in at this time at the latest and you are no longer allowed to drive a motor vehicle.

A driver's license is revoked on the basis of a criminal decision. A driving ban may be credited to this if necessary.

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