License plate: Interchangeable license plate

If two vehicles of the same vehicle category are not operated at the same time, it is possible to obtain a changing license plate for this purpose with the same holder. The full vehicle tax is payable for both vehicles. However, insurance companies usually grant discounts because only one vehicle can participate in public road traffic at a time. The assignment of a interchangeable number plate is only possible for vehicles of the following vehicle categories: Category M1 Motor vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers, with a minimum of four wheels and a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat (passenger car, motorhome) Category L Motorcycles or three-wheel motor vehicles and light quadricycles with an unladen mass not more than 400 kg (up to 550 kg when used for the carriage of goods) without batteries in electric vehicles and with an output of up to 15 kW Category O1 Trailers with a maximum permissible mass not more than 750 kg Only if the vehicles belong to the same vehicle category, the assignment of a changing license plate is possible. For example, a changeable number plate cannot be assigned if the first vehicle is a passenger car and the second vehicle is a motorcycle or trailer. It shall be able to use the same number and dimensions of the registration plates on the vehicles. A changeable license plate cannot be assigned for the following license plate types: Season license plate Red license plates Short-term license plates Export license plate Also, license plates with green lettering, which can be assigned to owners exempt from motor vehicle tax, are not permitted as interchangeable license plates. A classic car license plate, on the other hand, can be used as an interchangeable license plate. The interchangeable number plate consists of a license plate part common to both vehicles and the respective vehicle-related part. In this case, the following applies: the distinguishing sign (one to three letters for the administrative district) and the part of the identification number the same except for the last digit form the common part of the registration number, and the last digit of the identification number forms the respective vehicle-related part. Interchangeable license plates can be executed as one-line or two-line license plates or as motorcycle license plates. The use of a reduced two-line license plate (so-called light motorcycle license plate) is not permitted. A changing license plate may only be used on one of the vehicles at the same time. A vehicle for which a interchangeable number plate is assigned may only be put into service or parked on public roads if it is fitted with the interchangeable number plate in full with the common part of the number plate and its vehicle-related part. It is therefore not permitted to drive both vehicles at the same time or to park the vehicle that is not provided with a complete interchangeable license plate in the public traffic area.

Vehicle tax: The full vehicle tax is payable for both vehicles. insurance: The insurance companies usually grant discounts because only one vehicle can participate in public road traffic at a time. Administrative offences: According to § 48 No. 8 a Of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV), anyone who carries a changeable license plate on more than one vehicle at the same time is acting in an irregular manner. According to Section 175a of the catalogue of fines, the fine for this is € 50. According to § 48 No. 9 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV), anyone who parks a vehicle in public traffic with a changeable license plate that has not been completely provided is acting in an irregular manner. The fine for this amounts to € 40 according to section 177 of the catalogue of fines.
The following variants can be considered for the registration of a vehicle with interchangeable registration plates: first registration (vehicle registration: new vehicles) Re-registration after decommissioning (Vehicle registration: re-registration of a decommissioned vehicle) The applicable regulations must be observed. By clicking on the respective link stored above, further information is displayed.

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