Certificate of good standing/Certificate of Current Professional Status Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Confirmation of safety over medical activity in Rhineland-Palatinate The Certificate of Good Standing is a proof of the right to exercise the medical, dental, pharmaceutical or psychotherapeutic profession in Rhineland-Palatinate without restriction. It also confirms that no professional and disciplinary measures have been taken or initiated. As a rule, you need this certificate if you wish to pursue your corresponding medical profession abroad. The State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Care Rhineland-Palatinate is only responsible for issuing the "Certificate of Good Standing" if you are currently practising your profession in Rhineland-Palatinate or have recently exercised it.

amtl. Begl. Copy Of Approval Certificate (if applicable, copy of the doctoral certificate) Certificate of name change (if applicable) Certificate of safety of the competent district medical association Own statement that no criminal proceedings were/is pending Leadership certificate of document type "O" last job and employer Specify current address

The application must be submitted in writing to the competent authority (original). The necessary forms are available from the responsible body.

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Ensuring that there is a legal case for the safety of the profession in Rhineland-Palatinate.

In case of urgent need Early application (see deadlines and time limit) official certificate of leadership mandatory (administrative fee is charged in advance) Issuance only after receipt of the fees The certificate is generally issued in German.
Submission of the listed certified documents Examination of the documents (incl. Certificate of management), - - cover letter with cost grade, after receipt fees -> preparation of the certificate of safety (as soon as the certificate of management has been received), Shipping