Motor vehicle suitability test in special cases

The suitability for driving is the suitability for driving motor vehicles. According to the Traffic Act, "those who have met the necessary physical and mental requirements and have not repeatedly or repeatedly violated traffic regulations or criminal laws are suitable for driving motor vehicles." The suitability for driving must be given when issuing or re-issuing a driving licence. It can be detected as part of a medical-psychological examination (MPU). The MPU is requested if there has been a repeated violation of traffic regulations or if the driving licence has been revoked before. If you want to find out in advance what is coming to you during a medical-psychological examination (MPU), what is expected of you, how you can prepare for it, there is a possibility that you will contact a driving suitability assessment site in your area in advance and participate in free information events. You can find out about appointments from the review bodies. Further information material is also available from the competent authority for collection. With the help of traffic psychologists, you are free to prepare for an upcoming MPU, which often makes sense.

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