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If you have lost your divorce judgment or divorce decision (divorce certificate), you can apply for a new certified copy or copy from the district or family court where your divorce proceedings were then conducted. Only this court keeps the so-called original, i.e. the original of your divorce certificate. You should give the court credibly assurance that you have lost the divorce certificate. It can be very helpful for the court if you can provide the file number of your divorce proceedings at that time. You may find a letter from the court or your lawyer with the reference number printed.

No. You make an informal application to the competent administrative or family court for the issue of a certified copy or copy of your divorce certificate.

Before you apply to the court for a new copy, you can also try to obtain the divorce certificate of your divorced spouse or civil partner or your then lawyer, which is completely identical with your own divorce certificate. A copy of this divorce certificate can then be certified by a notary or an authority authorised to do so under national law, e.g. the Citizen's Office. The certified copy is often sufficient in legal transactions. However, you are not entitled to the issue of the divorce certificate.

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