Self-balancing board / hoverboard / eMobil Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Self-balancing boards are electrically operated, two-lane roller boards on which a person can move standing and rolling. For self-balancing monowheels, hoverboards and similar devices, the provisions of the Road Traffic Authorisation Order (StVZO) apply if the maximum design speed is above 6 km/h. These vehicles are currently not allowed to be operated on public transport areas as they do not comply with the StVZO's registration requirements for seat, steering, brakes and lighting due to design. Driving such a motor vehicle requires a driving licence. The required vehicle class cannot be named due to the currently unexplained legal situation. The Mobility Assistance Ordinance, which sets out the legal framework for the "Segways", does not apply to these boards. The Federal Ministry of Transport has commissioned the Federal Institute for Roads (BASt) to carry out an investigation of small electric vehicles. The aim of the project is to determine whether and if so under what conditions, micro-electric vehicles can be operated safely in road traffic, what technical requirements are necessary for this and what potential for conflict with other road users is to be expected. Only after the final report of the BASt has been available will a decision be taken on the possible registration of these vehicles for public road transport. It is not yet clear when this will be the case.