Request insolvency information Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Do you need information whether insolvency proceedings have been opened about a company or a person, or would you like to inquire about the state of the proceedings? Notices on insolvency proceedings are published by the courts on the nationwide internet portal The communications are accessible to everyone there for a limited period of time. If you also need further information, the insolvency court may, upon request, provide you with information on: insolvency proceedings opened and already cancelled Insolvency proceedings whose opening was refused due to lack of mass Insolvency applications filed by debtors However, the right to information is limited. For example, the court may only inform you of a creditor's application for insolvency if this is of particular interest to legal transactions (for example, due to the order for provisional security measures). Inspection If you yourself are involved in insolvency proceedings as a creditor or debtor, the competent insolvency court will allow you to access the files upon request.

For individual insolvency information: informal application.

Insolvency publications Generally accessible information on insolvency proceedings can be obtained via the nationwide internet portal The federal and state justice portal ( also contains a nationwide list of local courts. Request for further information For further information on individual insolvency proceedings, please apply informally in writing or by fax to the competent insolvency court; in the letter, in addition to your request, your legal interest in the information. Information from the debtor stake Debtors are entered in a central debtor register, which have not complied with their obligation to submit a list of assets, where, according to the content of the asset list, full satisfaction of the creditor is not to be expected, which do not prove to the bailiff the full satisfaction of the creditor within one month of the filing of the asset list, or where an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings was rejected for lack of mass. Access to the central debtor directory is carried out exclusively via the Internet.

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