Extending residence permit for humanitarian reasons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Extension of a residence permit issued on humanitarian grounds, e.B. in accordance with § 23 or § 25 of the Residence Act. Humanitarian reasons that have led to the issuance of the residence permit pursuant to § 25 may be in particular the following: Recognition as a person entitled to asylum or refugee in an asylum procedure by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the existence of a ban on deportation or an obstacle to entry, Determination of exceptional hardness. Depending on the legal basis of the humanitarian residence permit, the documents and fees may differ.

valid passport (not for recognised refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection) Proof of health insurance Rental agreement (proof of sufficient living space) 1 biometric passport photo

Possession of a valid residence permit according to §§ 22 - 25b Residence Act The residence permit to be extended must have been issued in accordance with paragraphs 22, 23, 23a, 24, 25, 25a or 25b of the Residence Act. Humanitarian reason is still present The residence permit cannot be extended if the humanitarian reason has ceased to exist, for example because the recognition as an asylum seeker or refugee by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has been revoked or there is no longer an obstacle to departure.

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