Residence permit issued on humanitarian grounds Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A residence permit may be issued for a temporary stay if urgent humanitarian or personal reasons or significant interests of the Federal Republic require further temporary presence. Anyone who is obliged to leave the country can obtain a residence permit if his departure is impossible for legal or factual reasons and the removal of these obstacles cannot be expected in the foreseeable future. A residence permit on humanitarian grounds in accordance with Section 25 (5) of the AufenthG may only be issued if the foreigner is prevented from leaving through no fault of his own. Personal culpability usually occurs when someone makes false statements or deceives them about their identity or nationality, or fails to meet reasonable requirements to remove the obstacles to leaving the country.

valid passport (not for recognised refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection) Proof of health insurance Lease agreement (proof of sufficient housing) 1 biometric passport photo