Issuing a residence permit for long-term residents in other EU Member States

Foreigners who have the status of a long-term resident in another EU member state are granted a residence permit if the stay in Germany is to last longer than three months.
Long-term residents are foreigners who hold a residence permit labelled "PERMANENT RESIDENCE-EC" or "Permanent Residence-EU" in the respective official language of the issuing EU Member State.
Holders of a residence permit issued by Great Britain, Denmark and Ireland are excluded, as these EU member states do not apply the corresponding EU Directive 2003/109/EC of 25.11.2003.
The general conditions for granting a German residence permit, such as a secure livelihood, apply without restriction.
The residence permit permits gainful employment depending on the purpose (e.g. study, employment, self-employment) that the residence is intended to serve predominantly. §§ 16-21 of the Residence Act are applied analogously.

  • Valid passport with residence permit (permanent residence EC) of the other EU member state
  • 1 current biometric photo

    35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth looking straight into the camera, bright background

  • Proof of secure livelihood
  • Documents relating to the intended purpose of residence

    e.g. certificate of enrolment or confirmation of employment and employment contract, etc.

  • Health insurance


  • Legal status of a long-term resident in another EU member state

    In principle, a right to the residence permit only exists if a residence permit with the designation "permanent residence EC" or "permanent residence EU" has been issued in another EU member state in the respective official language. A permanent residence permit without this addition is usually not sufficient.
    Only in exceptional cases can proof of the legal status of a long-term resident be provided by a written confirmation from the authorities of the other EU member state. The residence permit can then only be issued by way of discretion.

  • Permanent residence
  • Personal interview is required

    If possible, the interview should be made by appointment.

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