Residence permit Extension for the exercise of an independent activity Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Extension of a residence permit issued for self-employment or self-employment.

valid passport 1 current biometric photo 35mm x 45mm, frontal shot with neutral facial expression and closed mouth looking straight into the camera, bright background Examination report form (residence permit in accordance with Section 21 (1) AufenthG) The audit report must be prepared by a tax advisor, auditor or lawyer with relevant professional experience (e.g. as a specialist lawyer for tax law). In principle, it should be marked with a circular stamp. On the basis of the audit report, the company's and self-employed persons are provided with proof of a secure livelihood and the economic success of their entrepreneurial activity. Proof of a secure livelihood (residence permit in accordance with Section 21 para. 5 AufenthG) Freelancers (e.g. artists or language teachers) do not have to submit an examination report. Other supporting documents must be provided to prove a secure livelihood: tax notices, net profit determination of the tax advisor, bank statements showing a regular cash inflow, settlements with gallery owners and auction houses and the like. Documents must be presented in the original and in copy. Rental contract or proof of residential property In original and in copy Health insurance Proof of a secure livelihood also includes adequate health insurance cover. Legally insured persons are adequately insured. Privately insured persons must pay attention to the type and extent of their health insurance. For more information, please read the fact sheet. Adequate pensions Only if you have reached the age of 45: An offer (original and copy) of a private pension scheme must be submitted, which will be made at the age of 67. a monthly pension of EUR 1,109.88 (for at least 12 years) or a fortune of EUR 159,823. Alternatively, proof can also be provided by currently existing assets.

Possession of a residence permit The residence permit must still be valid and issued in accordance with Section 21 of the AufenthG. Fixed residence Personal speaking is required The preliminary hearing should preferably be made by appointment.

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