Collect development contributions

According to §§ 127 et seq., the municipalities are obliged to levy development contributions for the initial construction of development facilities (in particular for roads intended for cultivation) from the owners of the land developed by the development system.

The (in particular) road technical development is a prerequisite for the buildability of a property.

After completion of the development work, the municipality will levy a development contribution from the owners of the developed land within a four-year limitation period.

The development contribution is calculated by the competent municipality and determined by decision, without the cooperation of the property owner liable for contribution being required as a rule for this.

Forms: none

Personal appearance: no

Online procedure: none


A prerequisite for the collection of a development contribution is the adoption of a municipal development contribution statute.


The development contribution notice can be challenged with the appeal of the opposition.

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The contribution must be paid within one month of notification of the decision.

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