Cross-border services in the S. S. Directive 2006/123/EC Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Temporary self-employed commercial activity of a trader from his establishment from another Member State of the European Union (EU State) or another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA State).

It is necessary to carry all documents which entitle the establishment in the country of origin to carry out the commercial activity.

Self-employed commercial activity may be temporary. If you plan to become commercial in Germany on a permanent period, the national regulations of the Trade Code, in particular notification and authorisation obligations, shall apply unrestrictedly. The activity must be carried out by a separate establishment in the country of origin. An establishment within the meaning of the Trade Code exists where an independent commercial activity is actually carried out from it for an indefinite period and by means of a fixed establishment.
EU/EEA citizens may be exempted from the freedom to provide services in the Federal Republic of Germany the trade advertisement or the obligation to grant permission to travel professionals or the obligation to notify in the travel industry or the announcement of a migrant camp or the prohibition on the exercise of the auctioneer business as a travel industry, if they are entitled in the country of origin to carry out one of the above activities and wish to work independently in Germany only temporarily from their establishment in the country of origin. The documents from the home Member State necessary for commercial activity must be carried in Germany and submitted during official checks.

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