Real estate loan brokers, fee-based real estate loan consultants

An official permit is required if you want to arrange the conclusion of real estate consumer loan agreements or corresponding financial assistance for a fee in accordance with the Civil Code or who wants to advise third parties on such contracts (real estate loan intermediaries).

The permit pursuant to § 34i gewerbeordnung (GewO) entitles the permit holder to decide not to carry out the commercial activity as a whole as a real estate loan broker (§ 6 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 3 ordinance on real estate loan brokerage (IImmVermV), but as a fee-based real estate loan consultant. If the trader decides to do so, he must indicate this to the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry when registering.

Proof of personal reliability:

  • Valid identity card or passport (upon presentation of the passport additionally a current registration certificate)*
  • Current excerpt from the Federal Central Register for submission to an authority (certificate of good conduct)
  • Current excerpt from the Central Trade Register for submission to an authority*

*The information must be requested from the municipality of residence for submission to an authority, i.e. it will be sent directly to it. It is essential that you indicate the exact address of the competent licensing authority and the intended use when applying. The information can also be requested in the online procedure provided by the Federal Office of Justice/Citizen Services. The information must not be older than three months

Proof of orderly financial circumstances:

  • Current certificate in tax matters of the responsible tax office (to be submitted in the original)
  • Extract from the debtor register of the central enforcement court, which can also be applied for electronically under .
  • Information from the insolvency court as to whether proceedings have been opened (so-called negative certificate)

In addition, for legal entities:
Extract from the register of trade, cooperatives or associations (current copy), or if the cooperative is in the process of being founded, the articles of association

  • Proof of existing professional indemnity insurance (certificate of insurance)
  • Certificate of successful completion of the IHK proficiency examination or proof of an equivalent professional qualification

Please note that the list is not exhaustive. As part of the review of your individual case, further documents may be required from the competent authority.

The start of the permitted activity must be notified to the competent authority. At the same time as the business advertisement, the application for registration of the permitted activity in the register of intermediaries must be submitted to the licensing authority for forwarding to the responsible IHK.

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Applications for the granting of a permit will be kept ready for you by your competent authority.


  • Reliability under commercial law
  • Orderly financial circumstances
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance or equivalent guarantee
  • Proof of competence
  • Head office/head office and exercise of activities in Germany


Freedom to provide services:

Citizens of the European Union (EU citizens) or of another state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA citizens) who are entitled to arrange real estate loans in the country of origin and are entered in the register of intermediaries of the country of origin may act within the framework of the freedom to provide services or within the framework of the establishment of a branch in Germany without further authorisation if they act before the start of their activity in Germany, have notified their intention to the competent authorities of the country of origin and the authorities of the country of origin have confirmed that the competent German authorities have been informed of the intention to become active in Germany.

The start of your activity in Germany must be notified to the competent authority. (Link to Cross-border provision of services in a profession regulated in the Industrial Code )


EU citizens and EEA citizens who want to give up their establishment in the country of origin and settle in Germany require a permit in accordance with the Industrial Code.

  • IQ Landesnetzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz

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The permit must be applied for at the competent authority.

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