Apply for an electrical license plate

Vehicles within the meaning of the Electromobility Act (EmoG) can be granted preferential rights when participating in road traffic. Privileges are possible, for example: for parking on public roads or paths, when using public roads or paths intended for special purposes or parts thereof, by allowing exceptions to access restrictions or transit bans, with regard to charging for parking on public roads or paths However, the privileges only apply if the road traffic authorities have issued corresponding regulations. Electrical license plates can be assigned if the legal requirements are met. An electrical license plate carries the identification letter "E" as an official addition after the identification number. To drive in the environmental zone, a particulate matter sticker of pollutant group 4 (green badge) is also required for cars and commercial vehicles with electric license plates.

valid identity card or passport with the original of the last registration certificate of the place of residence; foreign nationals need a valid identity document with a current registration certificate a power of attorney if an authorised representative submits the application (the authorised representative's identity card and a copy of the vehicle owner's identity card are required EC Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document) Test report of the last main inspection (HU) Insurance confirmation (eVB number) If the vehicle is registered, the following additional documents must be submitted: Registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document) License plate(s) for companies: additional business registration or excerpt from the commercial register for clubs: in addition, extract from the register of associations and identification of the responsible person(s) entitled to signature (board) for underage vehicle owners: additional declaration of consent of both parents or guardians (if applicable custody judgment) and their identity card/passport with registration certificate

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Vehicle of categories M1 (passenger car), N1 (truck up to 3.5 t permissible gross vehicle weight), N2 (truck but only up to 4.25 t permissible gross vehicle weight) and L3e (motorcycle), L4e (motorcycle with sidecar), L5e (3-wheel vehicle), L7e (4-wheeled light vehicles up to 400 kg unladen mass or up to 550 kg unladen mass when transporting goods) Vehicle with an alternative drive: pure battery electric vehicle fuel cell vehicle, an externally rechargeable hybrid electric vehicle (but only if it has a carbon dioxide emission of no more than 50 grams per kilometre driven or the range is at least 40 kilometres using the electric propulsion engine exclusively).

Electrical license plates may not be assigned in the case of Export license plate Short-term license plates Red license plate

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