experts for the verification of long-term storage facilities (Section 24 of the Landfill Ordinance); Provision Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If there is concern that, after the closure of the long-term storage facility or plant, harmful environmental effects or other hazards, significant adverse effects and significant nuisances may occur to the general public and the neighbourhood, the operator shall, at the request of the competent authority, have an expert verify that the requirements of the Federal Emission Protection Act are met. Anyone wishing to act as an expert requires an official appointment. The application may be made informally. If the obligation to determine the existence of an equivalent authorisation from another EU or EEA State does not exist, the expert shall submit documents on the equivalent authorisation to the competent authority prior to the commencement of operations in Germany and, at the request of the authority, provide, inter alia, a certified translation.

informal application Proof of liability insurance Official certificate of leadership Documents proving expertise Proof of completed higher education or comparable qualifications, e.g. on the basis of professional practice; proof of knowledge in the field of assessment and monitoring of landfills and long-term storage; Proof of participation in the course for specialist knowledge at landfill and as immission protection officer Information on the existing equipment In the case of foreign applicants, exceptions may be made to the documents, depending on the decision of the approval authority, provided that the expertise and reliability (see "conditions") are demonstrated in a different way.

An expert must have the necessary expertise, independence, reliability and equipment.

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