Allow waste disposal plant Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Waste may only be treated, stored or deposited in approved installations or facilities (waste disposal facility). These can include waste sorting plants, waste handling plants, composting plants, waste incineration plants, waste storage facilities or landfills. These plants have a particular environmental relevance. They may only be built and operated if a permit has been granted in accordance with the "Federal Immission Protection Act _ BImSchG". For which installations this applies, the Annex 8 of the "Ordinance on Installations In need of approval - 4. BImSchV" is finalised in the Annex. In contrast, the construction and operation of landfills requires a waste permit, usually a planning approval procedure. All other waste disposal facilities only require planning permission.

Information on the necessary documents shall be provided by the competent authority. In principle, it is advisable to contact the applicant with the competent approval authority as early as possible. Even before submitting the application documents, the applicant should use the offer for consultations in order to clarify in advance the nature and scope of the documents, the course of the approval procedure, the legal basis and case-specific questions. This will allow a significant acceleration of the authorisation process.

The implementation of approval procedures in accordance with the Federal Immission Protection Act is presented in the "Procedure Manual for the Implementation of the BImSchG - Implementation of Approval Procedures". The procedural book describes the course of the procedure, provides assistance in matters of procedural conduct and serves as a source of information on specific procedural issues.