Approve waste treatment plant Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As for all other installations in need of approval under the 4th BImSchV, the approval procedure for waste treatment plants is governed by the 9th BImschV. The facilities for the storage and treatment of waste require a permit under the BImSchG are found out in point 8 of the Annex to the Ordinance on Installations In Need of Approval - 4.BImSchV. Waste treatment plant include Landfills thermal treatment requirements, combustion plants with energy recovery of waste, mechanical-biological waste treatment plants, soil treatment plants, chemical-physical treatment plants, biological waste treatment plants, shredder sanding plants and related plants, sorting plants, Cutting equipment for waste electrical and electronic equipment dismantling plants for end-of-life vehicles. The authorisation procedures shall be differentiated according to the new and amending procedures, formal and simplified procedures and those with or without an environmental impact assessment under the UVPG.