Approve waste treatment plant

You need a permit to build or operate a waste treatment plant.

The approval procedure for waste treatment plants, as for all other plants requiring approval under the 4.BImSchV, is based on the 9th BImschV.

Which plants require a permit according to the BImSchG for the storage and treatment of waste can be found in No. 8 of the Annex to the Ordinance on Plants Requiring Approval - 4.BImSchV.

Waste treatment plant include

  • Landfills
  • thermal treatment plants,
  • combustion plants with energy recovery of waste,
  • mechanical-biological waste treatment plants, soil treatment plants,
  • chemical-physical treatment plants,
  • biological waste treatment plants, shredder plants and related plants,
  • sorting systems,
  • Dismantling equipment for waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • and dismantling plants for end-of-life vehicles.

In the case of authorisation procedures, a distinction is made between new and amending procedures, formal and simplified procedures and those with or without an environmental impact assessment under the UVPG.

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