Identity card is issued new for theft Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If your identity card has been stolen, you must report the loss to the local passport or identity card authority. After that, you can apply for a new IDENTITY card.

Reporting to the police valid (child)passport or birth certificate, in the case of children under 16 years of age, the consent (declaration) of the legal guardian, in the case of only one legal guardian, the proof of custody, a passport photo suitable for biometry (after the photo sample panel) if necessary a second one for the issuance of a provisional ID if necessary, further documents (e.B. birth or marriage certificate) are required for a one-time verification of the spelling of the name. For more information, please contact the body responsible for you

The application is only possible in person or in really absolutely necessary cases by an authorised representative (individual decision by the specialist office).

Germans within the meaning of Art. 116 sec. 1 Of the Basic Law (GG)

Important: Should the ID card be found later, it is essential to report this to the Citizen's Office and, if necessary, to do so. the switched off online IDENTIFICATION function (subject to a fee) can be switched on again (the latter only if no new identity card has been requested) There are countries that do not normally accept the withdrawal of fact-finding entries (e.g. when the identity document is found). Even a recovered identity document remains blocked there. A guarantee that recovered identity documents can be used without restriction outside Germany cannot be given. It is therefore suggested that, in the case of travel abroad, it should not be used with identity documents that were once reported as lost or stolen and should instead apply for a new identity document. Please note that if the collection is carried out by an authorised person, the person carrying his/her identity card as well as the written authorisation relating to the collection, the written declaration of the card holder to switch on or off the online identification function, the permission to confirm receipt of the transport PIN, the PUK and the blocking password.
If your identity card has been stolen, subsequent measures are necessary Notification of loss to the local passport or identity card authority. The latter must then immediately inform the local police department of any loss of the document) if necessary. Initiate the blocking of the online identification function at the issuing authority or have it blocked via the blocking hotline in case of telephone blocking, identification via the lock password is required (was sent with the transport PIN and the PUK by the Federal Printing Office) If necessary, block the electronic signature from the provider that purchased the signing certificate If necessary, a provisional ID card can also be issued immediately.