Electronic health card for refugees Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Refugees may receive an electronic health card (eGK) after their stay in a reception centre in the country and distribution to a municipality in connection with Section 1.1a asylum seeker benefits act in conjunction with Section 1.1a of the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act. As before, the scope of benefits also depends on the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act. This includes in the first 15 months: the medical treatment of acute diseases and pain conditions, the provision of vaccinations in accordance with the benefits of the statutory health insurance and medically required preventive examinations, and other services, provided that they are essential to safeguarding health or to meet the special needs of children (discretionary service). If the municipality has not acceded to this framework agreement, it issues its own treatment certificates for medical or dental treatment and also settles them directly with the service provider. In these cases, the following instructions do not apply! However, the following case must be distinguished from this: recipients of the asylum law receive an eGK under the conditions of Section 2 (1) AsylbLG, i.e. if you have been in the Federal Territory for 15 months without any significant interruption and have not influenced the duration of your stay yourself in an abusive manner, an eGK in accordance with Section 264 (2) to 7 SGB V. The beneficiaries can then freely choose a health insurance fund, which takes over health care, in cooperation with the service authority in accordance with Section 264 (3) sentence 1 SGB V. This improves the supply, since the scope of services then corresponds to the GKV; then the restriction of medical treatment to acute illnesses and pain conditions is eliminated.

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Refugees have left the initial reception facilities and have been assigned to a municipality.
The municipality reports the refugees to the responsible health insurance fund. The eGK sends this to the refugees. Until then, the refugees will receive a provisional billing certificate from the health insurance fund for medical and dental care. This is handed over to the refugees by the municipalities.