Commercial re-registration Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Reasons for a business re-registration: Relocation of the company headquarters within the municipality or city in which the trade was previously registered Relocation of a dependent branch within the municipality or city in which the branch was previously registered Change of object of the indicated trade Extension or extension of the object of the declared trade to goods or services which are not customary in commercial enterprises of the declared type Even if travel trade card-free activities are carried out or a travel trade is operated, a business re-registration must be made if the trade object is to be changed or extended to other goods or services.

Completed form for re-registration (GewA 2) Proof of identity (e.B.: identity card or passport ) in the case of electronic business re-registration, other options for identification are also possible (for example, electronic identity card, De-Mail, PIN/TAN procedure). notarized articles of association or commercial register extract, consent of the shareholders (in the case of legal persons or partnerships) Declaration of consent shareholder Supplement Authorised representatives

relocation of an independent business of a standing industry, a branch or a dependent branch, or Change of subject-matter of the trade or extension to goods or services which are not customary in commercial enterprises of the type declared
The trade can be re-registered in writing or electronically. If the advertisement is submitted in writing, the form "Commercial re-registration "GewA 2" must be used. It is available in your municipality or, depending on the offer of your municipality, is available for download. The form must be signed by hand. In the case of electronic re-registration, the competent authority may provide for certain procedures for establishing identity. This includes, among other things, the use of the PIN/TAN procedure of the electronic identity card of the electronic residence title the De-Mail according to § 5 De-Mail Act or the sending of a copy of the identity card or passport.

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